Oh?! Is that it?!

Hi Brooke!
As soon as I was “diagnosed” as an emotional eater on a dieting website, I’ve been resisting the label. And yet, I’ve remembered it, which means there must have been some kind of acknowledgment on some level. And I’ve been working on my thoughts a lot on SCS and I love it. BUT I’ve come to realise that it always boiled down to the same thing: as I feared feeling my emotions, I was going back to overeating again and again.
Last week, it finally dawned on me: what if I just allowed myself to feel, without trying to put a name on the emotion, but just experience the vibrations in my body? So I started doing that and immediately realised I could handle a little heaviness here and a little contraction there… Even on Saturday morning when I experienced something I had never felt before: cotton legs, missing brain, nausea, breathlessness… what my friend later labeled as a panic attack. It only lasted for about 5 minutes and then I was good to go.
AMAZING!!! I now feel super-powerful because as a highly sensitive woman I feel I can enjoy and master a wide range of emotions. This is my super power! Now I just need to practice.
Listening to the Overcoming Anxiety podcast again has helped tremendously. I was ready to understand it, eventually.
So a huge thank you! I know I can deal with any emotion. Wow!!!
Take care,
Nadège in Paris