Oh No, She’s Using Me

A fellow coach and I agreed to start a coaching container together.
She has past experience, she has content and she has a list but it’s not active. She hasn’t talked to her list in a couple of years. I currently have my own coaching business and I have invested a lot of time and money in my own training.

Yesterday she called me and asked me to pay her $6500 a month to create our business.  She said what she brings is valuable. She struggles financially and doesn’t have any income coming in except for what her husband makes. I told her that’s not an option, but we could hurry up and get our business off the ground and start making money.

I’m financially wealthy and I work in my family business and make a lot of money.
But that doesn’t mean I want to work 14-hour days and send her my money.

C: business partner asked me to pay her 6500 a month to get business up and running
T: she’s using me for my money
F: resentment
A: Call Husband and complain, judge business partner as wrong for asking, create a story about how she doesn’t see my value, I don’t consider the possibility, I don’t consider options of how to make her idea work, I don’t move my business forward, I stop working on my business, I’m not entertaining possibility thoughts, I’m not looking for solutions, I shut down and pull back
R: I make it impossible to create a business.