Ohhhh nooo my boyfriends friend free advice

So my boyfriend told a friend of his you should really call Wendy she’s an awesome coach.

He meant as girl to girl advice from a coach.

She started with hellllpppp I’m a total mess. She doesn’t really have money and was looking to me as a friend, I met her once. I was on the phone first for an hour then have been texting all day and night back and forth.
I love helping people including her. I find her issues and drama entertaining and I can help her and she could use the help. The problem is I have so much other stuff I’m committed to and all of a sudden it feels like I just got a full time non paid job lol!😳🤷‍♀️I am a coach and I start training with Brooke in coach training next month. Not sure what to do here, I saw that while I know a lot, I have lots to learn those 10 minute coaching calls wow!!! 1 hour it took me with her Then all day and night texting….. it’s kind of buffering ….engaging with her instead of my work….
in any case
Maybe I take her on and use it as like free coaching hours for certification but would love your feed back on how to address a situation like this.
She may be thinking this is just girl talk me helping her about a guy…..
I’m giving her real coaching she most likely isn’t holding it in a way that would really see the value.

What are your thoughts on this