OK to have a Compound Sentence?

Hi Brooke! I’m getting ready to Blow My Mind. Yeee-haw! : )

The pie-in-the-sky New Belief sentence I chose for this month was a compound sentence.
I’m wondering if by choosing a compound sentence I’m kind of cheating and trying to sneak in 2 goals at once?

New belief about my Future Self:
“I have a year-long waiting list for commissions, and I manage my growing business without sacrificing my health.”
(I’m the artist who hasn’t had much business in the past year.)

The reason it’s a compound sentence is because one of my most negative beliefs is: “I cannot focus on work and also my health. It’s either one or the other, there’s not enough time for both.”

My other most damaging negative beliefs are:
1. Nobody appreciates what I do enough to want to pay me for it.
2. There isn’t enough of a market for both me and my competitors.
3. I don’t have enough time (for art + marketing….for art + husband/kids….for art + health….etc.)
And of course my brain has years of experience finding evidence to support these damaging beliefs.

Am I kind of cheating my way into focusing on 2 things at once with this compound sentence? ; )

In terms of health. I had 46# to lose to get to goal weight, so far I’m down about 10. (Yay!) I had really hoped that IF would sort of take care of itself and hum along in the background while I focused on my primary goal (making more art and marketing it), even if it meant my weight loss would be slower. However — I do find that I have a lot of brain chatter about the daily weighing, food, meal timing, etc., so it seems to be taking up a lot more of my attention than I had originally intended it to. (Your video is helping me see that it really can be very simple if I want it to be.)
On the other hand — the mind chatter about my weight could be another creative way of resisting really tackling the Big Scary Goal around making and marketing art. ; )

The other thing with health focus was that I dragged myself to the doctor and the optometrist for the first time in 3-4 years last month. I have some follow-ups coming up (mammogram, colonoscopy, another eye appointment in 6 months), a tooth extraction in a couple weeks followed by an implant later on, and several physical therapy exercises to do each day for my shoulders and “tennis elbow” in addition to walking the dog every morning. I want these things to happen of course, but they also take some time and focus, especially remembering to do the PT every day.

The new belief about my career is really “pie in the sky” outrageous for me, and may require some intermediate beliefs to ladder up to it. I’m also struggling with believing I’d have the time to take all the massive action required to make my Pie in the Sky belief come true.

Would truly appreciate your input.

Thanks, you are awesome!
-Yvonne (that artist)