Okay With Mistakes Part 2

I’m discovering I’m totally comfortable and confident in areas in which I can make mistakes, but I’m not confident in areas in which I don’t think there is room for mistakes. So for those areas, e.g. working law cases worth millions of dollars, that I am thinking that I can’t make any mistakes, because the company is trusting me to represent them well and create value for the company. If I make a mistake, the whole portfolio of legal property can be put into jeopardy. I can’t even tell you how much money and effort has gone into building these portfolios, and they are like a house of cards all built on top of the value of the other cards already in place. I also know that if I make a mistake, the in-house counsel can take the work in-house or reassign it to another firm. Mistakes can lead to malpractice suits, in which I could lose my law license or be made to take depositions or on trial to defend my actions. I’ve been educated by mentors that these are highly valuable cases, which is why they are difficult and why we are paid well. Not surprisingly, I am very hesitant to turn projects in, ask for help when I probably shouldn’t be bothering partners, and I make myself sick with anxiety about working on the projects.