Old and new story

Hi Brooke!
Watched the live coaching all just now and so much goodness!!! I wrote in last week or so about my model regarding my 7 year old daughter’s annual doctor appt coming up and how she was slightly overweight for last year’s appt and I’m concerned about this year’s appt (her BMI will most likely still be just over the overweight cusp). My model helps at times but I do think a new story is what I need. So here it is and let me know if I’ve gone off track at all 🙂

Old Story:
My almost 8 year old daughter is overweight because of me. My reasons:
I had gestational diabetes with her
I haven’t been consistent with the grandmas regarding food choices
I haven’t been a good role model
The doctor said because we homeschool, she probably doesn’t get as much exercise as schooled kids
I should have gotten her off sugar and flour right after her last appt.
The doctor said overweight kids are at a higher risk for being an overweight adult and I still didn’t fix this issue.
Her weight is a direct reflection of my abilities as a mom. I let my weight issues get passed to her.

New Story:
As a whole, my daughter is a wonderfully healthy little girl. Here is why:
Her awareness of her and other’s emotions is well beyond her years.
Her empathy, generosity and loving heart are inspiring.
Her level of intelligence and curiosity about life is amazing.
She has BLOSSOMED this year and overcome so many fears and moved past her anxiety. She is pushing herself DAILY to do things she is afraid of.
Her physical body is supposed to be exactly what it IS today. As I make my transformation towards health, my family may also reap the benefits. I cannot control someone else’s weight – my job is to serve healthy food and be consistent when others are feeding her. Her body is not something that needs to be fixed. I am an amazing role model who is showing her what resilience, determination, grit and self- love looks like. We are both WHOLE exactly how we are.