old (new) struggles with an subcontractor

I’ve been coached a ton on this by Lisa M….but here we go again. I have a subcontractor that bugs the shit out of me sometimes. She’s the BEST work partner I’ve ever had. My business has grown and benefited tremendously since our partnership….BUT she bugs the shit out of me. I find when I’m managing my mind, she doesn’t bug the shit out of me and most of what she does to bug me and anger me doesn’t register….it has been that way for several months, which has been lovely. But now my old thoughts are resurfacing and I find myself resenting meetings with her (which are MANY because of projects). A thought that helps me is “only 24 months” which is how long I think it will take me to hit my financial goals and enter the next chapter of my work life. But I know even the ‘next chapter’ will be filled with people that bug the shit out of me. It would be so nice if people behaved the way we need them to so we can find them lovable;-)