OMG! I Coached a Human!

OMG! How crazy is life! I just coached my first client. Ever. Like ever ever! 😀

Long story short – This client found me via your podcast and wanted to talk about my experience with overdrinking. Not sure if you knew – but when you asked me during the interview to give a website address where people could contact me, I just threw out a domain name I had that I was planning on “some day” using for my coaching biz. Well, “some day” sped up after my brain gave you that url. (“Oh crap!”, I thought. “I have to put up a site!”) So I quickly threw up a “just enough” site. Then your podcast hit – and someone emailed me saying they connected with what I said about overdrinking. She said she didn’t have much money – but would love to be coached. So I offered her a quick 30-minute session gratis … set up a time … gave her my biz # … and I did it! I coached a human being! 😀

I coached her on her drinking (her situation was crazily similar to mine) and the 30 minutes flew by! I recommended a few podcasts of yours to listen to (overdrinking series) – and then emailed her the direct links to the ones I recommended of yours after. She was so fun to coach and it was exciting!

January 2017 – One year ago – my goal was to “Become a Life Coach”. Today – I have a site up AND coached my first human! (Well, my 2nd if you count me.) Can’t believe I waited this long – but excited for what the future holds. 1 down and more to go! 🙂

Thanks, Brooke, for everything! 2018 is looking super bright!