OMG! I just discovered I am a VIP AND I signed up for Certification yesterday! :D

WHAT??? I was browsing around on the website tonight and realized I had more access than ever before. This is my SIXTH month in SCS and I didn’t remember that made me a VIP! How freaking FUN is that? I am watching all the VIP videos from the past now! So much GREAT stuff!

PLUS! I have been wanting to sign up for Certification for almost TWO YEARS and have been terrified to make the leap…I had a really good coaching call yesterday and my coach asked me, “Is not signing up for Certification a choice you feel comfortable with? (NO!) What are you waiting for? (To feel better and not be scared!) Why are you waiting to sign up when it’s possible you can wait too long and the classes will be full?” (That was it. I got off the call and signed up!)

WOOHOO!!! Just had to share this because I have been a complete nut and scared to death forever. I got over myself and now I am no longer scared…just completely excited!