OMG – The Last Word on Power!

Ok, I’ll admit it. The first time you recommended “The Last Word on Power”, I read through a little bit o’ the first part of it – and then stopped for some reason. Recently, I picked it up again and can I just say “OMG, this is crazy-town amazing!”

Here’s Why: I now GET IT. 50/50. I know the outcome of my life. I’m going to die, 50% satisfied and 50% unsatisfied. And that’s it. Life won’t turn out as it “should” or as it “shouldn’t” – but simply as it does. And THIS is just a human life. ALL of our human lives.

I realize now I’ve been SO FOCUSED on “satisfied”. Eat at the same places that “satisfy” me (based on past experience). Eat the same meals, do the same things, connect with the same people, say the same things – and if I do venture out of my comfort zone, it’s still in the search of something to SATISFY me. I see my life now as a self-built little comfort zone … playing small and safe … just trying to be satisfied. Feel good, feel secure, feel certain, feel satisfied.

And what do I get from all of this? I still get 50% satisfied and 50% unsatisfied. Sometimes comfort, sometimes discomfort.

If THAT is the human experience … today, tomorrow, on my death bed … why the hell not just GO ALL IN … Play FULL OUT … and live a full, exciting, new, fresh, clear life of experience?!? What’s the point of playing small and secure and tiny and afraid and hiding out … when the end result of that tiny life is the same end result of a life where I risk it all, go all in, set impossible dreams and goals and fall on my face and sometimes win really big – and then fail again … and STILL – at the end – the outcome is the exact same. I’m in the ground, 50% satisfied and 50% unsatisfied – but at least I had a crazy wild ride!

OMG. I get it now! I get it! And I love it! Here’s what’s so cool — I got far enough into the book to have a BIG AH-HA … AND at the same time I’ve been going through past Podcast Study guides. This morning, the next podcast on my list was 169 – My Human Life … THE podcast on “The Last Word on Power”. I’m like… “OKAY, OKAY… I get it!” 😉

Talk about throwing open the doors, shaking off the dust, and running out into the sunlight. My joints are creaky from all of the hiding out for 4 decades – but I feel the life and flexibility rushing back in fast. Thank you SO MUCH for talking about this book and sharing it. It’s funny how 1 insight can change so much in your outlook! Thanks again, Brooke! You’re the best! 🙂