On again, Off again Protocol

I have followed Corrine Crabtree and then Brooke’s suggestions on weight loss for 2 years now. I have slowly lost 30lbs but just put 10 back on. Over these 2 years, the cycle has been on again, off again.

It seems I am missing something when it comes to vacation. Although I try to plan my meals, vacation takes over and I am more than happy to oblige to over indulgence. When I return from vacation, it seems daunting to get back on track and I put it off telling myself that I am not sure I want to do it anymore. (Mostly because I will miss the foods/alcohol that I allowed on vacation). 10lbs later, I put in the hard work of following my protocol again. I am currently avoiding starting up my protocol again. Is this diet mentality? If so, I am missing how I should be thinking about weight loss.

My protocol is fairly strict because I truly do not feel well eating dairy, alcohol, sugar, gluten and processed foods. They taste sooooo good and my child brain says it is not fair that I cannot have them. What I would REALLY like is to get to a point that I don’t even desire these foods anymore. Here I am though, two years in and losing hope.