On being fragile

Hi, I am a male, double diamond. I’d like to play a bit with the model here, let’s see if it makes sense to you.
C: (Let’s assume) people think I am fragile
T: I am supposed to overcome feeling fragile (because that is what a mature man is)
F: immature
A: try to prove my strength with my actions
R: I try to act my way to STRONG = being immature, because Actions do not produce feelings
Could you suggest me some thoughts that you or your clients use to create a feeling of strong, but that are NOT connected to some actions? For instance, “I can think I can do 5 pullups” and create strong in my body. I see this is an option, but the thought is still action-based, the action/ability of doing some pullups. I see in this way strong is still conditioned of an action. How to generate it independently? Any suggestions? Thanks