On Fixing The Sheets

Yesterday morning I fixed the bed and flattened the sheet wrinkles. It was a windy day and the wind kept messing the bed and since my home office is next to my bed, I kept getting up and straightening the wrinkles and fixing the sheets.
At some point my husband walked in and saw me fixing the bed and said, ‘You fixed it twice already today, what’s up with that?’
‘Well, wind keeps coming in and messing it around and I want it to look nice,’ I said.
‘Well, so if you will have some wind one day that will mess up all your beautiful thoughts that you set up in the morning, will you stop the day each time to flatten the wrinkles there and fix your mind? You will never get anything done, not to mention, be able to live,’ he said.

It really hit me and I wanted your opinion on that. Because often I do that with my thoughts as well. I straighten my mind in the morning but throughout the day it gets messy very soon and I often pause my work for a good half an hour or an hour in order to fix the mess in my mind so that I could go to work again.

Am I doing it wrong?