On Getting It Done

You know when Brooke says “I give myself certain amount of time to do something and then I get it done in that amount of time”.. I love that idea. Although I haven’t ‘got’ it in practice yet. I give myself certain amount of time to get a work done – and a lot of times I don’t get it done in that much time. And that triggers discouraging thoughts. While I get that part of the work – managing my brain around the discouraging thoughts; I am seeking some additional guidance on getting-it-done-in-time part. 1) What are some useful questions to ask myself on this? Also, 2) can you share some intentional thoughts that may lead to the result of getting-it-done-in-time? I would like to see that possibility more clearly. (I’m also very excited that we’re heading to this topic in September. YAY!). Many thanks in advance! 🙂