On & Off

When I first learned Brooke’s teaching on desire, urges and allowing emotions, I thought there is no way, with this knowledge, that I will overeat ever again, alas I did and still do.

My daily food journal shows a certain pattern: I eat on protocol about 10-14 weeks at a time. Then I will travel, or there will be a party or a dinner outside with friends, and I will have one dish or bite off protocol (unplanned) and this will cause me to go off protocol for a week or even a month, until I am able to resume it again.
This has been like this for the past year (!), on and off, off and on.

This made me feel really powerless, so that it causes me not to trust myself if I dare eat off protocol. My experience shows me that in the past, each time I eat flour or sugar without planning, I have a hard time taming that desire because my brain repeats basically two main thoughts:

‘Oh, how fun, we’re doing THAT food again!’
‘Let’s enjoy all our favorite foods over the next few days before she closes the gate on us again.’

So I can see that these thoughts will create desire as well as fear of missing out in the future (when the protocol will resume), which cause me to postpone resuming my protocol and keep overeating, until there is nothing in my closet that fits me and I go back to eating on plan.

What would you suggest to think if I fail in the future again and eat off plan, so that I could resume my protocol immediately?