On the right track

Hey Brooke I’m wondering if I’m approaching this thought download correctly around a new business partnership:

This would be the ideal scenario: have the time to see 10 clients/month and make 1K/month while not being disorganized, not feel overwhelmed, not be missing things, I want to this partnership to allow me to cut back my full time job to part time. I want to like working with these new clients, have them seeing results, and happy to refer others to me.

vs. my more common thoughts currently are:

I’m worried these clients will be time and energy suckers, I won’t have any systems in place to keep email and plans and notes and appointments organized. I’ll be scrambling, working long hours, making mistakes, Disappointing the clients and the owner.

Am I on the right track in that I have the option to focus on what I want to have happen and repeat those thoughts more often, interrupt when the more negative thoughts come? Here’s my ideal model

C: new partnership
T: I’m going to be working with great clients in a streamlined way
F: confident
A: figure out system to work with them
R: have a plan to work with clients??