On Throwing Food

I am a scholar for almost two months and am trying to lose 35 pounds following a no flour, no sugar protocol.
I managed to follow my protocol for two weeks and then gave in to an urge and have been giving in to urges for 6 days now.

I start the morning well and around 10am I have a strong desire and since I work from home I go online and order a huge amount of pastries and breads to have for the entire day. I am carefully not using the word binge but you get the picture.

Interestingly what sometimes happen is that once I ate the first pastry I really feel disappointment and that I can now look back at how I could have handled it an hour ago by allowing the urge and yet before me is a huge bag with pastries that I feel bad throwing away.

I wonder if you can suggest another way of thinking at throwing these foods if I already bought them but rather not ruin the whole day and finishing them?