One at a time vs. all at once

Dear Brooke et al,

I think I’m now in my 8th month of scholars and I’m suddenly noticing a different thought pattern in my head. When I started Scholars, I tried the “focus on one thing” that is recommended, but in reality, I wanted to make changes in multiple areas….overeating, overdrinking, business/money management, relationships, procrastination, self-image, etc…. You get the picture. It was difficult for me to choose to work on just one thing.

But now that I’m a little farther in, what I’m seeing in my thought habits is that all of my bad habits ARE getting worked on at the same time. It’s harder to measure outcome with this than one thing at a time, but by learning to allow urges and manage my thoughts about one piece, my brain has started to automatically do that with ALL of it. Allowing an urge for drinking, noticing what my brain was doing, and planning drinking turned in to a reflex habit for the same with overspending, overeating, or procrastinating.

In essence, it wasn’t multiple things that were my problem. Only one. My thinking. By choosing to fix THAT one thing, they are ALL getting better.

Isn’t it great how that works?

Thanks so much for YOUR work. Happy Holidays. Love to all of you.