One goal or two goals


I have been working on setting a big goal for my future and guiding my way. Something has been feeling off about the goal that I had initially set (Have a thriving eight-figure business). Then I felt it.

My goal isn’t just the business; my goal is to be a writer and have a thriving business. I want to have the mix of the two; only one of them isn’t what makes my ideas spark and fingers tingle.

Choosing one of them would be inspiring and get me close to where I want to be, but I would be restricting myself from what I truly want. Choosing one feels like the easy way out and like I’d be avoiding the discomfort I associate with being a writer.

This brings me to my question.

I know focusing on one goal is recommended. But what about when the one goal actually looks like two?
What do you suggest I consider and take into account?