One meal instead of two?

Hi Brooke,

First off, thank you. A lot. 🙂

Second, here’s my question. I’m rounding out my third month of scholars, and have experienced real transformation both through my weight loss and through my thinking about food. Where I once had constant attraction and desire and cyclic thoughts about food, now I think about it and desire it so rarely. I honestly didn’t think I could feel this way (& definitely would have reflexively hated anyone who said they don’t think about food four months ago – lol). I’m working toward my weight loss goal with ~50 pounds to go, and seeing regular progress. I eat two meals a day, trying to keep it to a six hour window.

Lately, some challenging circumstances have been arising for my family, and I’m not always able to have food with me or stop and buy a salad within my six hours. When I realize this is going to happen, I check in with my thoughts & feelings. I know I don’t want to push my eating window, and I’ve been realizing I don’t feel hungry anyway, so a few times in the past week, I’ve just skipped that second meal and headed on til the next day’s window. This feels fine to my body. But my brain is making me a little concerned — thoughts that I may be getting into a controlling cycle where I’m so happy about the weight loss (which I’ve never been so successful with before) that I’m pushing things too hard. I don’t want to eat in an unsustainable way, or stress out my body. What do you recommend when this comes up? Eating outside my protocol time window, or occasionally having just one meal a day?

Thanks for the help.