one more future model clarification

First of all, I’m astounded by the value I’m getting from ask a coach. Thank you for helping me clarify my C lines. “Health and Exhaustion” are vague. “Seizure disorder, medication side effects and doctor’s orders” are clear C lines. I do want to think I will clean the apartment with gusto and leave it pristine as an R, but within the confines of my doctor’s orders and physical conditions C lines. I love the model and the clarity it is giving to my life already. The investment in Scholars is more than worth it. So mostly this is my way of saying thank you.

The question I have then is as follows: are my A and R lines truly in line with my C lines. This you cannot answer for me I suppose. My pertinent question is should I make them fit within reason rather than “going for” what I want which is usually great but not great if it is physically impossible.