One more spoon

Hi I have been planning my food for the past couple of weeks, with ups and downs, but sufficient compliance overall.
I often have the urge to add small additional bites to my meal when the food is over, so I am asking around this.

I am asking now of a small thing happened yesterday. After I finished my meal I was feeling full, but after 1 hour I felt hunger again, and some restlessness with it. When this happens after dinner, my brain automatically starts arguing that these are not the optimal conditions to fall and stay asleep during the night (I have a history of insomnia in the past 6 years). So I had the urge to eat some more, to calm the sensation down.

I took my time to acknowledge my emotions and it seemed to me that what was left was just a honest sensation (traveling from my body). So the arising question was I know this is what I planned in my best interest, but now I have a sensation that is somewhat uncomfortable, if I eat something just for the sake of damping the sensation down and not enjoyment am I feeding the urge? What I did was take a tablespoon of olive oil. It is not so significant in terms of calories but I immediately had a shift in the sensations. Later in the night the hunger feelings did come back but at least I put myself to sleep in a comfortable sensation.

To recap: I have tendency to have strong desires to add bites to the end of my meals. I want to learn new patterns. At the same time, when I have cravings, it seems like it is a genuine reasonable thing to do, knowing that I am not avoiding to feel. Your thoughts around this? Thanks