One Night Stand

I’ve had one night stands before and don’t usually think it’s a big deal. This time I just got caught up in the moment, I enjoyed conversation with this guy, but I knew what I was getting into. This particular person has a bit of a reputation so I really didn’t expect to hear from him again. I didn’t feel a lot of emotional connection, it seemed like just pure casual sex with a hot guy, no big deal.

That was on Saturday, and I was fine yesterday but today I just have this feeling of “longing”. Not like I’m waiting for him to call – I know he isn’t going to, and I have always known that. It’s not like I’m checking my phone to see if he’s called, so it isn’t like anxiety or disappointment. It’s something different. So what am I longing for? The feeling is pretty intense, and I can’t pinpoint the thought that’s causing it. (It’s not longing for more sex lol, I know what that feels like).

While I didn’t feel a crazy amount of connection to him, I definitely liked feeling desired. It felt so good to be the object of somebody’s attention, and now that’s been taken away and it leaves me craving more of it.

What do I do with this? Just feel it?