one sentence purpose – cement wall

defining my purpose has got me stuck; i don’t really know why? the stuck feeling feels like a stone inside, like a riddle that I can’t crack; it makes me nervous; I do not want to buffer, to wait, to be dramatic, to postpone, to procrastinate. I know and have known for a few years now that I need action; and action happens but I still feel I can’t sum it up in one sentence – so I don’t have this one purpose and will disperse my power like it has happened before; what thought process can I do to solve it? or mayby there’s no need to be sure and just act; maybe I don’t see it but I AM buffering; however my main problem over the years has been: what do I want to do? what do I want to sort of major in.. I have many interests. I want to stop this and decide but it feels like pushing a cement wall….