One sentence purpose – am I on track?

Dear Brooke, This month’s work is so important to me!! I am someone who has been pondering purpose very hard for very long and I was still at “don’t know”…if you had asked me my life purpose before I would have said “To be the best Mom I can” or “To do the most good possible” – both I was trying to live up to and feeling guilty about.

I gave myself an hour. The purpose I came up with, once I’d set aside all need to be worthy/valuable was:
“My purpose is to explore widely and deeply – nature, myself and my capabilities”.

This seemed to capture the things that inspire me -like freedom, being in nature, reading, learning, hiking, writing. I’ve been sitting with it for a couple of days and while it feels exciting and liberating, as if it would help me lead a fuller life, I’m also concerned that it’s too broad, too wide-open and might encourage me to flit vs commit. Also I feel guilty that it’s a “selfish” purpose – where does being a good Mom and making a meaningful contribution fit in?

I’d love your thoughts on whether it’s good or needs tweaking.