One Sided Connection – Follow up

Thanks for responding to my initial query —
You stated that Connection is a feeling we create by thinking thoughts.

Then why do we not feel connected to everyone ?
Don’t you have to have experience and interact with people in order to have good thoughts about them, that will then allow you to have a deep or full connection with them?

What would differentiate the connection I have with my husband versus the connection that I have with my friend?
My interaction with my friend is that of deep conversations – therefore I have good thoughts – therefore I feel deeply connected.
My interaction with my husband is that he is watching tv/ playing games-therefore I do not have good thoughts- therefore I do not feel deeply connected.

I guess you’re saying you can ‘choose’ the thought regardless of the circumstance of deep conversations or watching tv which will then allow for the feeling of connection? It is much easier to have those good thoughts when the person also puts forth the effort, no?