One Sided Connection – is it possible ?

One one hand, we cannot control people – they will do what they want and our job is to just love them no matter what.

If this is the case, how can you create a real connection with your partner who is not interested in communicating or having conversations?
I cannot “make” him talk to me and connect with me.
When I try to have a conversation, he is playing games on his phone or watching tv.
Is it possible to have a one sided connection?? I do not feel connected to him at all because we don’t have deep conversations.
But, he tells me he feels fully connected to me. ( I have my doubts about this, I feel he says this to get me off his back, Lol)

How is this possible?
I’ve always thought that to be fully connected to someone, it has to be from both sides.
More importantly, how can I feel more connected to him due to above reasons?