On How One Spends Saturdays

I was having a bored and frustrated feeling this morning and thought that going to shop for a new dress is far better idea than to stay at home and work on writing my book.
I went out and bought a dress and then decided to have a brunch outside before I head back home.

I sat down in a restaurant and suddenly spotted this famous writer, sitting in a table with what seems like a semi social semi professional brunch she was having.
I looked at her with wonderment and then looked at the shopping bag next to me and asked myself – ‘Who do you think at this moment is happier? The one who spent Saturdays writing or the one who is spending Saturdays shopping?’

The answer was clear.
She was sitting there, accomplished, dressed in a beautiful dress (that she had to buy at some point), but it seems clearly that she first wrote on Saturdays so that she can at some point in the future enjoy a brunch in a beautiful dress as an accomplished writer.

I suppose that’s the difference between how one spends her Saturdays. Or any day for that matter.