One step forward, two steps back

I heard you mention in a video or podcast about a client who does everything she needs to do to lose weight and is totally committed and then goes to the other extreme of being totally uncommitted. I identified with that. I also had an experience recently that made me think about this more. I have been using the self-coaching model with a small group of 17-19 year old girls I mentor in a school setting. We did a group where we talked about identifying and experiencing feelings and how they occur as sensations in our body. The girls participated, but I noticed that as the group went on, and especially in their next class, the girls refused to participate. I was tempted to call this rebellion, for every few steps forward, I see them take a few steps back. I see this in myself too, especially when it comes to eating. It’s like I’m so overwhelmed/disoriented by my progress that I “run back to the cave” so to speak. Do you have any thoughts on this? My training in psychology tempts me to think I pushed too hard (both the girls and myself) and should go at their pace, but I don’t hear you talk about that idea in coaching. This is the model I came up with:
C- I honor my commitment to myself and get closer to my goal.
T- This feels different and scary, you’ll never keep it up.
F- Rebellion.
A- Go back to old habits (eat a lot of sugar)
R- Sabotage my progress (gain weight)