One (or two) career path(s)?

Hi Brooke,

I just started this month with SCS. Ready to organize my life and mind! I’m not overweight, don’t drink, but career-wise I’m not where I want to be. I feel stuck and think “what path should I take?” I’m an artist, painter and have also worked in journalism. I love both fields. Always, until we moved to this country, I’ve been able to combine these fields.

Question: Do I choose one path and do all the work that’s necessary to generate an income? Or do I work on these two optional career paths with the trust (not yet) that it will be clear along the way which works best for me? I’ve got many negative thoughts on both options like; ‘having not enough experience’, ‘artists never earn anything’, ‘my contacts in journalism are not up to date’, and so on.

We, as a family, have more than enough money to live from, but I want to go back to the situation where I can contribute also with money. I know how it feels to earn an income, to get paid for my work or contribution, I miss that. At this moment I’m not doing massive action (What direction?). And I beat myself up for that.

Besides the October homework, I’ve started watching the Entrepreneur video’s. I feel awkward since I’ve not really figured out what business I’m in! I know what you say about being confused. But(!) I really have difficulties deciding where to go for 100%. I feel I need a focus to be successful.

The models I made:

S. Artwork not sold
T. Artists hardly ever can live from their work.
F. Down
A. Inaction, hardly looking for exhibition/selling options, not making website.
R. No income

S. No paid work
T. In this country I hardly know any journalist and speak the language but it’s not my mothertongue. (I’m Dutch but we moved to Spain)
F. Inadequate, failure.
A. Reactive. I connect foreign journalists with locals for stories, but all for free. Wait for them to come to me.
R. Only unpaid work.

I’m grateful for any feedback or suggestion.
Thank you so much!