One year with Brooke Castillo

I looked at my diary last night and discovered it will be one year tomorrow that I signed up for My note to myself was ‘let’s see where you are one year from now.’ So this is where I am one year later: I stopped drinking nine months ago, the most life changing amazing thing I have ever done. I LOVE telling people I don’t drink. I LOVE knowing that I can have a good time without alcohol, people still like me without alcohol and, most shockingly, I still like them! I love getting up at 6 am to go to bootcamp three mornings a week — never skipping out because I have a hangover. I have not had sugar and flour for five months and my biggest problem is not preaching to all my friends about how amazing it is. I have lost 35 pounds and have never been this slim in my adult life. Yes, I am slim! I was at the beach yesterday in a bathing suit (new tankini) and someone wanted to take my picture, I immediately tried to hide. Then I remembered ‘I am slim now’. Snap away!
And there is an incredible side effect of it all — my relationship with my husband! As I learned to watch my urges to eat and drink, I also started to notice all my urges to nag, complain, judge, control, sabotage. Every hour of every day has a life lesson for me.
Anyway, just thought I would tell you that I am all happiness and I would never have been here if it wasn’t for you. I just did not have the tools and did not know what to do. And I had no idea what I was capable of!