Online course

Hello my teacher!

First I just want to say THANK YOU. I’m a VIP, been here since the beginning and I’m blowing my own mind. Especially this month with the feelings work. It’s brilliant. I can’t wait to become a Diamond 🙂

Because of all you’ve taught me and what I’ve implemented I finally created an online course, something that I was letting fear and doubt get in the way before Scholars (thanks again!). I set a goal of getting 20 ppl to sign-up and I got 21 (I know!).

It’s a 6 week course with video lessons, worksheets and weekly support calls. My challenge is in getting people to speak up on the calls. I don’t know if they love or hate what I’m teaching them. And I’ve been managing my mind around the fact that I get to believe I’m teaching them very valuable stuff and their lack of speaking up on a call doesn’t mean anything.

But I wouldn’t be writing in if that was completely settled in my mind. So when you first started offering small group courses, how did you get people to speak up on calls? I’ve been trying to incorporate asking high-impact questions but that hasn’t been successful in drawing out my introverted folks.

So I know, what am I making it mean that they don’t participate in the calls other then listening? That I am not providing value. That’s a crappy thought I can see.

Thank you for your input here.