Only one choice?

I was talking to my boyfriend about a recent choice he has made. He decided to pay off his dads debt and then felt depressed and like a victim. He told me that he feels like this because there are situations where one doesn´t have a choice. What he means is that he can´t say no because of the belief he has which is “you always have to help family out, if you don’t you are a bad person”. I explained to him that one always has a choice and that the only reason he thinks he doesnt is because of this belief that he has. I also said to him that he is not feeling depressed because of the money he gave, but because of his thought that he is the victim in this scenario. I was wondering if I explained this well or if I missed anything, because he kept insisting that there are simply situations where one only has one choice. Or maybe I just need to accept that this is how he chooses to think of the world?