only seeing the big mountain – continues

Thank you so much for your answer.

I have follow up questions now. I hope that is ok.
You write about the emotion overwhelm that “It’s an indulgent emotion that our brain actually likes because it causes us to avoid doing any work.”
Do you mean by this that the emotion offers an escape route for our minds – that it works like an excuse we can abuse to buffer / avoid the uncomfortable feelings?

“You mentioned the less you get done the more you start to panic. Why? What are you making your list getting done mean? What are you making it mean if you get less done than what you’d planned?”
The thought I have is that I should get a lot done and so the less I get done the more I don’t meet my own goal.
I seem to be giving this too much meaning. I believe something must be wrong with me, I am not worthy, I am not good at this, I will fail, I will not be liked.
While, in fact, my worth is not depending on my success. I know this rationally but I suppose I feel different.

“So now what? You can see that it’s not the things that need to get done that create anxiety and overwhelm, instead it’s choosing to believe that you need to do everything yesterday while requiring no less than A+ work. It makes sense that you’d feel anxious and overwhelmed.”
What can I do about this?