Only sharing my results

Hi Brooke,

I just want to share my results with you and everyone that will read this because it inspire me when other people do that. I started scholar this month to work on overeating. I lost 3.9kg (8 pounds) already. My mum told me since I was a kid that us women in the family are fat girls and that I would always have to struggle with my weight. I trusted her because I could see that all the women in my family are indeed obese. I accepted that and tried my best to stay at a BMI of 30 or lower to preserve my health. When I discovered your work Brooke, I just decide to not believe that anymore. I released that simple thought: “The women in my family are overweight. I will always have to struggle with my weight.” I replace this thought by “In my family, women teach each other how to use food to cope with life. I can teach myself otherwise.” This is the only thing I did this entire month. I start to actually dream of being thin and loose 27kg (60 pound). I can see myself do that now. I am scared when I have this thought (scared of false hope) so I still have work to do but I can picture myself thin now.

Thanks Brooke ! This is going to be an amazing year for me !