onsite doing client work as a supply chain consultant

Hi, I’m onsite doing client work for a contract, as a consultant. I’m doing it under my own business name, and it’s my first major contract as a supply chain consultant. It’s also my first day on site meeting everyone in person. This morning went well, and I’ve taken a moment after lunch to catch my breath and type up my notes. I tried to do a body download, and came up with the following sensations: tight cheekbones (but it feels different to the tight jaw I normally get from nervousness), deep exhales, clenched fingers, tightness in a single line from my chest down to my stomach, pit in stomach, and tight across upper chest. I identified this feeling as not quite nervousness, but more like apprehension. – as if I’m holding in the stress because I’m not ready to let it out and feel relief. Here’s my model. I have some notes to type up and a spreadsheet to build for the client.
C: contract work
T: If I can just get this typed up and made up then I can do it.
F: Tense
A: type in a hurry, fear loosing it and rush through, I get it done,
R: I get it done but….

Can you please provide some feedback on my unintentional model above? It feels like the A and R don’t match the T line.

Here’s two intentional models I came up with instead.
C: Contract work
T: I know my stuff.
F: Confident
A: 1. type up notes, 2. add my own interpretation, 3. trust I can read my own handwriting, 4. build the spreadsheet they need.
R: I demonstrate I know their stuff.

C: contract work
T: I can do this (create value for them).
F: courage
A: 1. type up notes
2. ask more questions and do more interviews
3. dig deep into what they need for systems
4. dig deep into what they need for people
5. build spreadsheets and refine with feedback
6. write processes they need
7. build policies they need
8. present and train.
R: I have created value for them.

Can you please provide feedback on my two intentional models? I thought it was interesting how one created a different feeling from the other. And the second one with courage as the feeling, seemed to come out with even clearer actions- and more longer frame, detailed actions. Basically exactly what I need to do to deliver the value to them. Does this mean I just discovered that courage is an even more useful emotion for me than confidence? (loved November work on this by the way – so revealing). thanks so much!