Oops I inadvertently achieved my Impossible Goal

Hi Brooke! You live coached me last week in VIP regarding my difficulty talking due to bite/teeth issues and how its holding me back from doing what i want to do. Ive been dragging my feet and have been fearful and using my dental issues as an excuse. I have NOT taken massive action regarding my 2018 impossible goal BUT I have been doing the monthly work VERY diligently. MY Impossible goal is to be paid for a print modeling job. It’s something ive always wanted to do and was always too afraid. The chances of a suburban 55 year old mom being paid for a modeling job seemed pretty Impossible to me….lol….but I havent taken any major action….like getting a portfolio together …..and basically procrastinating.
But what i had FORGOTTEN was that the very first week of January I had answered an ad looking for models for a knitwear manufacturer. It was a reputable site but i never heard back from them in almost 4 months……except after i got off the live coaching with you last week i see an email from this company. I was one of the women they chose to invite to the photo shoot to model knitwear! Which was TODAY! SO I WENT AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Believe me I used EVERY excuse in the book not to show up but i used the tools I’ve been learning from you….so even though it was a minor action of answering the ad….the massive action has been the working on my BRAIN all these months to allow myself to show up today!!!!! I modeled on a roof top in Manhattan!!!!…..was so much fun. So They paid me with an item of clothing and professional digital photos…..so im counting it as achieving my Impossible goal….i just said paid….and they did….with pretty photos and a beautiful knitted sweater…..so im counting it!! Thank you so much! What an amazing program you have to offer. Ive been in some form of therapy since I’m a teen and have NEVER made progress like i have in the last 8 months! Kerry