Opening up to flour and sugar

Hi Brooke

I had a thought for the coach who posted recently about how hard it is to bring up flour and sugar.

For myself I initially resisted this – I remember preSCS when you ran a few podcasts in the lead up to stop overeating. I was just ‘that’s ridiculous’ and ‘I don’t need to do that to lose wait’. I even watched almost all of the stop overeating videos in Jan convinced that I was going to try the program but I was definitively not quitting flour and sugar. Well I did and I’m now 22 pounds down with 11 to go.

I think what tipped it for me was
1/ the idea of an experiment – let’s see how you feel off flour and sugar and if it helps you lose weight. Recently I had dinner with a friend who is a dietitian and a university academic. She was also quite supportive of my change – and says that finding out what suits our bodies is important.
(Btw I feel amazing without too and sugar and have no intention of eating it again except for planned joy eats. My body really doesn’t like flour…I’ve got sluggish, bloated and tummy aches if I eat too much of it).
2/ the question about why I was so opposed to stopping eating then and doing some thought downloads and models
Another factor although to a lesser extent, the commitment podcast about a conpelling reason and asking myself if eating flour and sugar was more important.

Hope that helps.