Operation Unstoppable

I love how when Brooke coaches she states that we are in control of our results and this also applies to what happens in our business.

I was watching one of her old entrepreneur videos and she said something like “You decide how much you want to make then you go make it.”

That statement fired me up, but also kind of terrified me haha! I was like wait, how? Did I miss something?

I did not hit my numbers for January and February. I actually only reached 17% of my February goal.

I’m having a hard time feeling in control of my March sales goal. I’d like to feel more in control.

I recognized that I have the thoughts:
“I can’t control how many sales I make today.”
“I’ll keep trying things and see what works.” (not sure if this is a bad thought)
“I can only do so much to get people to buy from me today.”
“I’m going to come off too salesy and maybe spammy.”

I’m cringing at these thoughts, but it really did take months to uncover them.  Can you help me find new thoughts? I’d like to feel in control, empowered, and unstoppable.