Hi Brooke, A couple of weeks ago I asked you for your opinion about my husband wanted to cancel my subscription with Scholar due to him feeling that I was spending a lot of time with the program. You probably don’t remember since you have so many people to reply to. I just want to make sure to thank you for your opinion and how your answer to me made me even more committed to your program. So much so that I am back here asking for your opinion once again.

Come May of this year I will be celebrating my 10th year wedding anniversary and my husband wants to upgrade my wedding ring, which I was fine with the idea of a new ring. However, once we were in the store sitting down and looking at the rings and getting educated on the quality of the diamond and so on.. I did the wildest thing ever, and I told my husband that I didn’t want the ring or the vacation and what I wanted instead was to be able to commit to your scholar program for more than a year, to be a member for as long I can. He was very surprised that I was ditching the ring and the vacation for your program. Hahaha. Do you know what is funny?! I am at peace with that decision I made. This is month number two for me being enrolled in your program. January month was mind-blowing for me the Model concept was a game changer and February month is just as amazing ” The power of emotion” I never thought I could choose what emotion I want to feel. Now that I am staying for the long term and I am 100 % committed I would like to sign up for the one private coaching I see that you offer the 45 minutes or the 6 session coaching. I am asking because I am finding myself wanted to do everything that you have to offer at once and I know that is not the best way to go about it. I would love to get some advice from you. I would love to get guided in the right direction of where to start. I thank you for your wonderful work and for the help I already got from your program. I am looking forward to seeing all the new changes will happen to me.