Optimism for the human race

I am reviewing the November material, and reading your point about the fact that humans have always done horrifying stuff and will continue to do so, and we’re better off working on accepting that, I realize that I am actually optimistic about the time we’re living in now.

I’m not resisting what you’re saying, but I do feel a shift in consciousness in our Western societies, a search for meaning and peace, and I feel like, as more and more of us move in that direction — through the work we do here for instance, or more people committing to a meditation practice — and we gain momentum collectively, I feel it could actually lead to less suffering and therefore less abuse.

Of course it’s just a thought, but it’s one that makes me feel positively about our world, and also about the work I do spreading the word on those good thought management practices through my podcast and my budding coaching business.

What do you think? Are you optimistic about where we’re going as a species?