Opting out of the “T” line

I’ve noticed something happening this weekend: normally I’m a bit of an over-analyzer. I process everything that is said and done around me, every inflection, tone, choice of word, facial expression, etc. and I tend to get upset over tiny things, wondering and worrying about this, that, and the other. Exhausting.

But this weekend, because I had the model in mind and I was observing my thoughts attentively, I found myself noticing “circumstances” and consciously opting out of forming “thoughts” about them so I could spare myself the “feelings” that they would create. I just let. stuff. go. This put a stop to much of my mental chatter, and created delicious peace in my mind.

However, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with this idea of “opting out of forming a thought” and in my thought download this afternoon, I realized that what I was doing was in fact the following model:

C: Some tiny unimportant thing that I may have blown out of proportion before.
T: I don’t have to analyze or react to this.
F: Indifferent, neutral.
A: No action.
R: Peaceful, unruffled, relaxed.

Just thought I’d share as it was a bit of a breakthrough for me!