Orange Theory Transformation Challenge

I joined Orange Theory last summer and along with better eating habits (ditched flour and sugar as well as dairy due to intolerance), I dropped 30 pounds by Halloween. From Halloween to mid-December, I didn’t gain or lose anything. Since mid-December, I have gained 5-6 pounds.

Around Christmas break, I stopped planning my food and ended up just eating whatever the family was eating (flour, sugar, dairy). After Christmas, I signed up for OTF’s Transformation Challenge (a 6 week challenge where the person who loses the largest percentage of body fat wins the prize) and began to just eat whatever I wanted, telling myself that having a higher weight at the first weigh-in (next Friday), would result in a larger loss and a higher chance of winning.

While I do tend to seek external validation in order to feel good about myself, I am not typically motivated by winning, so I know this is just my brain coming up with excuses and reasons to binge.

I LOVE how I felt when I was eating well and working out 3x a week and I want to get back to that place.

Can you help me put this all into a model?