Organization – Home Office

Hey Brooke! Thank you again for another amazing month of content. I love how each month through a different set of exercises we are offered the possibility of peeling back another layer of thoughts. It’s so funny, because after each month it feels like there couldn’t be more of myself to uncover and yet….. there is. How deep does this go:) It will be fun to see.
Here is my question: We are in your home office every week. I do not see stacks of papers, books, mail…. there is no evidence of paper at all. So this has me wondering – does your desk (which I don’t see) have paper? (probably not – that doesn’t seem to be how you roll) or are you extremely efficient in your management system? (I’m guessing this is the truth) do you have filing cabinets? do you purge all your paper and keep things electronically? Would love your organizational and minimalist thoughts on how you manage all the personal and professional paper that surely enters your life.

Thank you for over delivering on your promise to over deliver.

Congratulations on your move.