Organize your Life and Mind and COVID-19 prohibiting charity donations

Hi wise coaches! I am neck deep in the vault and growing by leaps and bounds. I love it. I’m going to stick to the facts.
I live in a 400 sq ft apartment with my 16 yr old. Some might agree that that is very small (LOL). I have filled my car with usable quality items I am ready to say goodbye to. I also have more organizing and purging to do, and anticipate another car-load of usable items. I’m also ready to reclaim my car from these boxes. I can’t donate these objects to charity because COVID-19 has prohibited charities form accepting donations. I think I might throw them away. Likewise, I have 3 big bins I fill with recycling materials. I usually drop them off every 2 months. They are full. I am about to start throwing them away too. How about it?