Organizing a retreat for women

I am in the process of organizing a retreat with two friends and co-workers. We are High Performance Coaches and work for a personal development company. We will be doing the retreat outside of work and it will be our own material. I know I have so much wisdom, knowledge and information to share and at the same time feel blocked about how to do it. I coach people all day long and use my wisdom and life experience as fuel to help move others forward. Yet, when I think about a group of people actually showing up for a weekend I feel I will suddenly forget everything I know! On a normal day I have faith that all I need will come to me and I will have the words to serve someone. In light of doing this in a retreat I feel like I need to be more organized and know exactly what I’m going to say. Maybe I am being too rigid, but I would sure love some guidance. Thank you so much!