Other people are responsible for my feelings

I’m having trouble understanding that other people are NOT responsible for my feelings.

I really want to understand this. I can see how it is freeing to believe this!

Here is the example I’m having trouble with:

If my Dad comes into the house in a bad mood and starts yelling at me about something, how is he not responsible for my thoughts? He created the circumstance of “yelling words at me.”

If he didn’t create the circumstance, I wouldn’t have had the thought? If the thought is “you don’t understand me.” I wouldn’t be thinking that if he didn’t yell words at me.

I know Brooke says, “our thoughts create the vibration in our body.” No one can “give us” feelings, but the thought wouldn’t have happened if Dad didn’t yell at me.

And I know Brooke says, “if we believe that other people aren’t responsible for our feelings we get our power back.” But is it really as simple as choosing what we think?

Why is that? Is it because we can’t change other people? We can only change ourselves, so don’t even try changing other people because it would be so exhausting?

Or is it because someone else could have a different thought if they encountered the same circumstance? Or is it because they could believe a different “truth,” and experience a different model than me?

I think I’m almost there…