Other People

Hi! I wanted to reach out to see if you could offer any recommended work for dealing with negative people. I am very much at the place where I just have to continue to remind myself of how I want to think and show up and not sure if there is any other work to push myself towards more naturally without so many reminders.

Here is part of my journal entry:
I just had a work meeting today and need to get my head straight with my thoughts about a coworker. I feel so annoyed by her. The things that she sometimes says just bothers me. She is a negative person. All I can say is she is who she is and if she wants to be crabby and bitch about everything that is all her. I can respond to her by being my best self and just not give a shit what she thinks it says.

T – I feel annoyed by her
F – Annoyed, judgmental
A – Not show up how I want to show up

T – The things she says bothers me
F – Same as above feeling
A –  same as above do

This made me think I still have a manual/expectation that people should not be so bitchy. I know this is not the best way to show up.

T – She is who she is
F – Neutral
A – Show up as my best self

T – I can respond to her by being my best self and show up how I want to
F – Genuine
A – Just do me

Is it really just the practice of continuing to shift my thoughts when they come in? I have been working with this lady 6 months and feel I should be further along – Yes, this is another model. Any tips or corrections in my models?