Other People’s Models 2

I am starting to see it now, how tending to my own model about other people’s models allows for so much more compassion and less pain for me. How do these models look? Any suggestions or tweaks?

C: A said words
T: he doesn’t even care about what I was trying to share
F: rejected
**I interrupted this model**
A: say “whatever”, ruminate, say passive aggressive things,
R: I don’t care about what he shared. I don’t care about what I had to share

C: A said words
T: I wonder what was going on for him
F: curious
A: consider his model
R: I consider his experience

C: A said words
T: he must have felt strongly to have responded that way
F: compassion
A: allow the conversation to be as it was, give myself what I wanted from him
R: I feel compassion strongly

I am wondering for my IM2, I am making assumptions about why he behaved how he did. I think because it generates a useful emotion, it’s probably okay? I’ll want to question it when I have a T that doesn’t serve me though, right?