Other people’s negativity

Here’s the deal. After doing the podcast work on self-pity last month, I decided I would just not complain anymore (in my head or to other people), or devote any attention to negative things. This week’s podcast on Negativity really reinforced that (plus I’ve been reading The Law of Attraction!). I am really happy with how easy and successful and gratifying the transition has been. I feel I catch myself quickly when I “slip”, but it’s rare that I do. Good stuff.

My question is about my husband. Though I would not call him a negative person in general, when he’s stressed he tends to rant about things — politics and such, or things that are badly designed, badly thought out, badly organized, don’t work, in a “sheesh, people are idiots” kind of way. (Also: he’s never to blame, it’s always the thing that’s faulty. :D) I don’t think he realizes all of these thoughts and comments are optional; I think he genuinely feels he’s stating facts of the world we live in.

I do not want to judge him for it. I feel I’ve made amazing progress last month on not letting it get to me when he’s annoyed or exasperated, but it’s difficult to know how to react when we’re in a conversation together and he’s ranting about something. I am pretty sure he would not appreciate me pointing out that I don’t care for the negativity, and I want to let him be who he is (this has helped me a lot), but I don’t want to condone the rants or take part. I try to stay sort of neutral and just listen non-committally, but it feels awkward.

Is that the right way to handle it? What do you think?